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Your inside wall,
makes your home feel save.

Decorate with love,
and you’ll feel brave.

Wall Panels
Your home is more,
than walls and roof.

It’s your inner self,
that makes you proof.

That warmth and strength,
are bulletproof.

Interior design
You’ll always need more storage
than stuff.

Cause we collect love,
and there’s never enough.

Light has more power than,
darkness ever will.
The sky might be bigger,
but it’s the stars that fulfil.

Go and open the door,
lose your mind and find your soul,

let curiosity explore.

It is not ‘more’ that we need,
it is not ‘big’ that we need.
It is the intensity off the small,
that gives us the biggest satisfaction.

Decorative art
Wood is rough.
But when you’ve got enough,
place around the table.
Wood will get soft,
and loneliness unable.